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Heel spur – heel pain when walking


  1. What is a heel spur?
  2. Plantar tendonitis.
  3. What are the symptoms of heel spurs?
  4. Rehabilitation of heel spurs.
  5. Heel spur exercises.
  6. A home remedy for heel spurs.

What is a heel spur?

Heel spurs are, as the name suggests, a problem in the heel area, usually on the underside of the heel. In fact, the name ‘heel spur’ is misleading because the name ‘heel spur’ itself tells us that we have a bony protrusion on the heel bone, we have bony outgrowths that would require surgical removal to treat them properly.

Rehabilitacja ostrogi piętowej
Rehabilitation of heel spurs

Plantar tendonitis.

The most common complaint we encounter is that of heel spurs, whereas we would have to call it what is known as plantar fasciitis, i.e. at the junction of the plantar tendon and the heel bone, at this junction between the elastic tendon and the hard bone, there is overload, inflammation and at this point pain occurs.

What are the symptoms of heel spurs?

The symptoms of heel spurs are usually pain just after waking up, when getting out of bed is the worst because the leg has been out of use for several hours and then those first few steps are fatal, they hurt for sure. The longer the patient walks during the day the condition usually improves, but again, some longer walks, long walking will aggravate the condition.

Rehabilitation of heel spurs.

When thinking about therapy for heel spurs, in fact, most commonly plantar fasciitis, we need to mention that the foundation for these problems to appear is too much tension, shortening of the rear muscle band, then we have a lot of tension in the muscles of the thigh, a lot of tension in the calf muscles, Now, if we think about therapy, we need to introduce a lot more flexibility into these muscles, improve their length, flexibility and locally on the connection of the heel bone with the plantar fascia, where there is pain, where there is overload, where there is inflammation, we work in such a way as to reduce this inflammation. This is one form of manual therapy called deep transverse massage.

Heel spur exercises.

When talking about exercises for heel spurs, it is important to mention stretching exercises for the muscles of the back of the thigh, the calf muscles and massage, in fact such a self-massage usually with a tennis ball, of the plantar tendon, i.e. the bottom of the foot.

A home remedy for heel spurs.

A home remedy for heel spurs is definitely to use a tennis ball to massage the underside of the foot or the so-called plantar fascia, which is located in this area.

You can watch the entire article on heel spurs in the video below.

Heel spurs – Rehabilitation and exercises at home
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